About Us

Who We Are

We are a unique, family-owned Aquarium on the north side of Brisbane, Queensland. We have a large range of products including Fish, food and aquarium accessories and we aim to always stock the best quality only.

Always striving to be at our absolute best, we aim to stock the largest variety of freshwater fish in our multiple systems.

Our Values

We aim to always produce and keep the highest quality products that we strive to have in our home aquarium, for our customers & aquarium enthusiasts. We adhere to and provide the highest standards and quality of visitor experience in our aquarium, in the utmost welcoming and caring way to ensure a pleasant, friendly visit every time.

Our Vision

We pride ourselves on the quality of our fish and products, remembering the diversity and importance of the life in our tanks.

In the future, we will strive to uphold the standards we have set for ourselves and help our customers and other fish enthusiasts to do the same with our knowledge and understanding of the different species we have.

We aim to provide fish enthusiasts delight within our 4 walls, showcasing the best of the fish species available.

Our Mission

We are working towards educating others through our aquarium and experiences, on the wonders of the waterways of the world. We are aiming to show our audience the importance of tropical, fresh water and marine fish and how their existence, even in captivity, is so important to our world as we know it.

We will always support ethical suppliers and source education from those who are experienced and knowledgeable beyond us, so that we are forever learning, and therefore educating.

We strive to assist our customers into becoming successful hobbyists, while educating and creating awareness around tropical and marine life.

Key Personnel

Rob is our go to guy, resident fish enthusiast, knowledge base and chief business owner.

Rob has been a fish keeper of both tropical and marine systems for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge around all things fish, accessories, and fish tanks and set ups, including a long history of building glass fish tanks, including monster tanks holding more than 6000L of water.

You’ll see Rob around, always having a friendly chat with every customer!

Joni is Robs wife, chief meet & greet at the door and customer service assistant.

Joni will be around the shop, striving to learn more and more about each of the species in our tanks.

The children of the house, 3 daughters, 1 son and a grandson who all pop up every now and then to help out in a busy time or for a bit of after school/work or weekend fun and education.