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Tropical Aquarium



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AQUAVITAL BACTOSPRINT is an innovative product consisting of two components which works through an effective bacteria culture to provide an optimum ecosystem with crystal-clear, algae-free water. The sealed and packaged capsule contains a balanced mixture of bacteria and enzymes which are freeze-dried in an inactive state and therefore have a very long shelf life. Not until the cap is twisted does the capsule open, thereby activating the bacteria in a nutrient solution. 

AQUAVITAL BACTOSPRINT activates the ecosystem in the aquarium when starting up a new system (shortens the aquarium cycle time or “set-up-phase”), after cleaning, after changing filtration media, after microbiological impairment due to medical treatment, in case of an imbalance in the ecosystem (ammonium/ammonia, nitrite, nitrate), for regular fortification of the ecosystem (fortnightly application recommended) or any time you feel you need to boost your nitrifying bacteria in the aquarium.

This link will show you how to use it.

Available in three package sizes to suite 100 litres, 100-500 litres and 1500 litre aquariums.

  • 10ml (0.4g) =up to 100 litres 
  • 10ml (0.8g) =100-500 litres
  • 3x(10ml (0.8g))=1500 litres (Six week cure)
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