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Supa Chlor With Idian Almond Leaf Extract (not a fish o lee)

Supa Chlor With Idian Almond Leaf Extract (not a fish o lee)

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New Product : L number Water Conditioner With Idian Almond Leaf Extract (similar to prime)

Supa Chlor is probably the most sophisticated water conditioner in the world, it is the only product that is
manufactured to recognize one of the primary problems associated with town water. That is hydrated
lime, lime is used to buffer the pH of town water world wide, and is one of the least understood toxins in
the Aquarium.

Lime can be linked to a whole range of diseases, primarily fungal infections, the most
common ailment to effect ornamental fish. This toxin is removed by chelation of the Calcium molecule
which allows the hydroxide ion to become water by being attracted to hydrogen in water (Lime =Calcium
Hydroxide converts to Sodium) This conversion is done with a bound phosphate, which is then left over to
be used as plant fertilizer, this phosphate will not adversely effect aquarium water and is a benefit to
plants and fish.

rate 5 Mls per 200Ltrs 


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