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Synodontis Petricola (Synodontis petricola)

Synodontis Petricola (Synodontis petricola)

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The Synodontis Petricola fish is light brown in colour. It is covered in numerous, irregular dark brown spots which are often smaller in size on the head and in the ventral region. Its ventral, pectoral, dorsal and anal fins all have white tips and a somewhat darker base. 

The Synodontis Petricola fish are a very inquisitive and friendly fish. It is ideal to keep these fish in groups of 3-4 or more as when kept singularly they can be very cautious, preferring to hide amongst rocks and caves.

Photo credit: Synodontis_petricola.jpg: de:user:Nerezza 23 April 2010
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