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White Ghost Knife (Apteronotus leptorhynchus)

White Ghost Knife (Apteronotus leptorhynchus)

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The ghost knife fish originated from some parts of South America. Ghost Knife fish have a long thing and slightly curved body. They grow to roughly 18-20 inches and live to around 10 years. 

These fish do not have dorsal or caudal fin making them quite a unique species. In order to create momentum these fish use their pectoral and anal fins. They also have electric receptors that they use to find hard to find foods in there tanks, though these receptors are not powerful enough to stun you.

Ghost knife fish need plenty of hiding spaces within there tank. They are generally very kind and calm fish however if they are put in a tank with multiple ghost knife fish that does not have sufficient amount of space for them, some aggression can arise. This does not mean you cannot have more than one of these species, just means you would need to have a bigger tank to accommodate space for each one. 

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